Damn O’ Ciucciariello!

This is the only curse out of mouth of my granny, pious and patient woman beyond all human endurance.

Other reminiscences: a resarch work at high school on Richard Dolker, a German artist who had been interested in this animal through his pottery works, giving rise to a copious producion designed to magnify the humble animal, which with his work allowed the beautiful terraces of Amalfitan coast, facilitating cultivations impossible to imagine.

Docile, servile, useful but almost ignored animal, even at risk of extinction.

So how it looks in danger of extinction the honest and respectful man, engulfed by cunning fellows.

And to make a virtue of necessity “Ciuccigno” comes up, an “in-cazzato” quadruped which of priapism makes its lethal weapon

With an invitation to hold out and wishing luck.
Changing shape and color he fully expresses his mood.

Thus “Ciuccigno” White stands for jackpot bright
“Ciuccigno” turquoise is for every mounth’s years

Friend you that are reading keep on.

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